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Families Set Free

A Problem You Can Solve

Did you know that there are approximately 1,000,000 Christians who are enslaved in brick making factories in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan? You can help rescue them….one family at a time.

Why You Should Get Involved

There are 211,000,000 people in Pakistan, almost all of whom are Muslim. There are 3,500,000 Christians, but they are kept in generational poverty. When a Christian family has a medical emergency, they often have no option but to borrow money from a brick making factory. As a result, they have to move into the factory and make 1,000 bricks every day, or their debt goes up. Unfortunately, they are never paid enough to pay back their debt. In fact, if the parents die, other family members inherit the debt. There are generations of families trapped… all because they cannot repay a debt of only a few hundred dollars. As a result of this, their children are not in school (they are making bricks), which perpetuates this poverty.

What You Can Do

You can support teams on the ground in Pakistan who are quietly negotiating with brick kiln owners, paying off debts, and freeing families from slavery. You can provide the resources to release them. Your gifts will get them housing, food, and help them own a small business to provide for themselves. The children will get into school for the first time.

We have actually freed three generations of families from brick slavery. One man, who was 75 years old, had been a slave since he was 15 years old. We recently rescued him, and his son, and grandchildren. You can only imagine the joy they have to be free!

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