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Zeynel Zafer

Zeynel Zafer


Hello, I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and raised by a non-practicing Muslim family.

In my 20's I briefly became an Atheist. In a country that is 98% Muslim, a church building is something of a curiosity, so one weekday I just wanted to see the building and went to a church. Even though it was closed that day, a man from the church happened to be there that told me about his beliefs and even gave me a New Testament.  

At the age of 26, I accepted Jesus and was baptized. While attending a one year Bible college, I did some work as a missionary among Turkish people in Bulgaria. Later I became involved with the church in Antalya.

I am now married to a Christian woman and have a small family. We moved from America to Antalya in 2021 and I have been serving in the church there since then.

The doors of our church are open daily so that we are available to meet the community's needs.  I regularly have opportunities to meet with people who, like me, grew up in the Islamic culture and come in wanting to learn more about the Christian faith.  I try to answer their questions and share my own faith journey with them.

I am excited about the growth of the church that I have already seen, and am looking forward to seeing more and more lives transformed by Christ.

I greatly appreciate your prayers for me and for the people of Turkey.

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