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Zach Weaver

Zach Weaver


Hello, my name is Zach Weaver and about one year ago I had the opportunity of joining the Circuit Riders. Circuit Riders is a missions movement that is based out of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) that is focused on reaching Universities and High Schools mainly across America but also some parts of Europe and Canada as well.

The heart behind this movement is to “save the lost, revive the saved and train them all.” This isn’t just about having events on Universities but it’s about activating people into a lifestyle that Jesus lived out as an example for us to follow. So many people don’t realize that their identity is not the bad things that they have done but their true identity is found in Jesus and when they accept and believe what Jesus did for them, it transforms their life. This is the heart of Circuit Riders, we simply just want to see people’s lives transformed by the love of Jesus and for people to know and understand the love he has for us and to go out and tell other people about his love.

Joining this movement has radically changed my life in so many ways. God has really showed me more of his heart for the lost and I have never felt so compassionate towards others in my life. Seeing people come to Jesus is literally the best thing in the world and I wouldn’t trade anything for it. I know it seems crazy sometimes that I am doing this because we don’t get paid or anything but honestly, it’s so worth it to see lives transformed by the love of the Jesus flowing through us. God’s heart is to see everyone come to know Him and he wants to use us (the body of Christ) to fulfill the great commission and make Jesus known across the earth. I have really learned that it’s not just about doing missions but it’s about living a lifestyle like Jesus because he gave his life for me so the least that I can do is to give my life for him.

The first tour I went on in 2018, I came on as a drummer, but now I have taken on the role as a media person. What that looks like is I capture everything that happens within “Carry The Love” to show others what is actually going on in America and through the movement. God sparked a huge passion for media inside of me and few years ago at Hillsong College and now I have completely fallen in love with storytelling and capturing moments that will impact people’s lives.

I have never had so much fun creating content in my life and would have never thought that I would be a videographer for a movement across America. God is pretty wild; He blows my mind every day and I just feel honored to do what I do.

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