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Zach Watson

Zach Watson


My name is Zach Watson. I am married to my beautiful wife, Kayce. We have three amazing children; Masyn (9), MadyAnne (7) and Mckinnyn (2). We live on our family farm in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Growing up there has never been a time that I have questioned God’s presence in my life. When my mother passed away in late 2020 it forever shifted the way I viewed life, my role as a father and the world. All children deserve to know the love Christ has for them!

I made the decision to serve Mi Casa Kids International in El Salvador after God pulled on my heart to live my life in service to Him. This desire was born from a place of deep empathy and prayer after watching my wife, Kayce, serve this ministry over the past 7 years. Although we are unable to physically relocate from our hometown in North Carolina, our determination to make a positive impact on the lives of these children remains unwavering.

As Kayce continues with her roles within the organization, I have boldly followed God’s call on my life by stepping out in faith and working for Mi Casa Kids full time. As the Mama & Baby Shelter Expansion Coordinator, Partner Development Lead & Team Specialist I plan to connect with  individuals and organizations dedicated to supporting Mi Casa Kids. It is incredible to witness our local community coming together to support our mission, proving that the desire to help transcends geographical boundaries.

My time and resources will be spent coordinating fundraising events, donation drives, and awareness campaigns in North Carolina. The responses have been heartwarming, as people from our community are stepping up to help me make a tangible impact on the lives of these children and mamas. I am raising my own fund instead of taking a salary so the orphanage can continue to honor its commitment to its donors to keep its overhead less than 10%. Historically, we operate around 5% and I do not want my desire to serve to affect the bottom line.

I am excited to serve Mi Casa alongside my wife with the support of my family and live out the idea that distance is not a barrier when it comes to making a positive impact. Our experience illustrates that even from afar, lives can be forever connected and changed. Compassion knows no borders through the power of God. That is the largest reason one of my main goals is to partner with churches and other leaders in the community so that they too can fall in love with Mi Casa Kids - the same way I did.


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