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Zion & Kailyn Kuriyama

Zion Kuriyama is consider a Japanese “jack of all traders,” with a Canadian passport, married to an American! Kailyn is crafty and caring, but a fire of faith for those who may think she is quiet. We have been in YWAM for the past 9 years and have traveled all around the world sharing what we believe in! From Hawaii to Kansas City we discovered we out taught our experience which drove us to serve in Jordan to practice the YWAM foundational value of “do first, then teach.” We are currently in YWAM Colorado Springs working with the BAM (business as missions) department. We coach and teach in schools and also disciple young men and women on the campus for the nations.

Zion has passion for pioneering, championing, and business AS missions (BAM). My goals are to alleviate poverty and provide long term holistic spiritual transformation within the 10/40 window. I love to get my “hands dirty” and get straight into the matter of things.

Kailyn has a passion for hospitality, the poor, and injustice. She would be a voice for the voiceless and a friend in a time of need. My goal is to see holistic freedom in all categories of life: Poverty, physical, spiritual and metal freedom!

Asa(saurus) is a leader among leaders, fearless and courageous. Kind and generous with friends and strangers. We are excited to watch him grow and become more than we could have ever imagined!

Thank you for your partnership!

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