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Yanerlie Achille

Yanerlie Achille


Hi! My name is Yanerlie!

I've always loved worship and how the Lord moved unexpectedly every time. I always attended my dad's church where he pastored at. Then, I got to high school and needed volunteer hours. In the 10th grade, I walked into Life Church, a local church just expecting to obtain volunteer hours, but little did I know this would be the place the Lord revealed my calling to me. When I walked into the church for the first time, I felt the joy of the Lord come upon me and felt strongly that He wanted me to pursue worship as a career. Especially, since at the time the plan was to go to college and major in biology but I really felt no passion toward that. So, the Lord met with me but I had so many questions like "what would this look like" and "how is this possible".

After a year of receiving this calling, I found Circuit Riders through their YouTube Greenhouse prayer room. I would literally listen to every Greenhouse and they not only worshiped, but prayed also. Then, I went on a deeper dive of what Circuit Riders actually was. I saw that they had a Discipleship Training School specializing in music. After another year of prayer and revelation, I have decided with the Lord's help, to step out in faith and attend Circuit Riders this Fall. I will be doing 3 months of training is the lecture phase. We will be working on projects; skill developments like music, preaching, and media; and learning how to evangelize. Afterwards I will be doing 3-4 months of outreach, meaning we will be hosting events to tell people the good news of Jesus Christ. I specifically will possibly be doing outreach in Europe (not finalized yet). I am so excited for what the Lord will teach me throughout this time.

What is Circuit Riders?

Circuit Riders is a missional community based in Huntington Beach, California. Our mission field is our generation. We want to see evangelism trend in America. A Jesus movement is coming to America and it has already begun. Together we have built several missions platforms, projects and campaigns to empower & train leaders, activate every believer, and inspire our generation to love like Jesus. Circuit Riders is empowered by Youth With A Mission.-

I would love to ask you to partner with me in financial support and prayer!

As of right now, I need to raise about $13,000 for the school. So, if you would like to commit to being a monthly supporter, or a one-time donation you are in the right place. Anything helps!

Your support means so much to me! It is beyond words I can even describe. I am so grateful of what the Lord has for me on this journey.

Thank you!

Please email me if you have any questions -

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