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Valerie Ruiz

Valerie Ruiz


Hello! My name is Valerie Ruiz. I was born in El Paso, TX and raised in Colorado!


I never grew up knowing Jesus but got radically saved in high school in the midst of addictions and emotional trauma. Ever since I have been chasing Jesus with all my heart finding Him in everything and everywhere!


Since being saved I have always burned for the heart of unity in the church and the heart of the body! I desire to see unity in the church! But above all things I know I have been called to sit at His feet all the days of my life! I walk in ministry now simply because I know this is where His feet have guided me!


I am need of your help to help partner it what I believe the Lord has led me in!


Asking and receiving has always been something I deeply struggle with, but I know part of walking with God is letting go of myself! I am seeking help and partnership in this season to see the will of God come alive.


Whether that is partnering in prayer or giving! I am so beyond grateful for every one of you! I love you!!



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