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Veelomi Geraldine Sigrah

Veelomi Geraldine Sigrah


Hey Guys! Welcome to my story.

My name is Veelomi Geraldine J. Sigrah and I'm from a small island called Kosrae in the South Pacific region. I'm so glad you took time to hop on my page and learn a little about me.

I have been walking with the Lord for 2 years now and forever more to go. I had committed 5 years of my life to the Lord before I even knew that I was getting a scholarship from a few leaders of Fire and Fragrance school at YWAM Kona to join this Fall 2022. It’s crazy and prophetic , I know !I will always be in awe of how the Lord moves in my life .

Right now I am in the discipleship training program for six months from September to March with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) . For those that don't know what YWAM is, it's a non-profit organization that trains and sends out fiery, young people to the nations to share the love of Jesus and the word of their testimony .

I am called to be a full time missionary and I won't be able to work. But by His grace, I am hoping to see breakthroughs after breakthroughs of young folks rising up and serving the Lord alongside with me and trust that he will provide as we carry out His will in our lives.

He is literally teaching me to be helplessly leaning on him at all times and not my own knowledge. “For the Lord is my light and salvation , whom shall I fear?'' I saw lives changed by how the Lord moves in my life. I have seen people getting delivered from demonic attacks andI have witnessed people getting healed by a simple prayer to the Lord . This is all through our relationship with Him! I am longing to be at the feet of Jesus and to bring this good news to all who need to hear about Him and how their lives can be radically changed too if they want it.

Today,I get to live a life of freedom because I know I was a complete mess. In bondage, partying and all the wild things I was doing. I have been saved, forgiven and redeemed by the Lamb of God, the creator of all creation which includes you and I. I know I didn't deserve His love, none of us do. But that is just who He is (The God of Love), whether you believe He is or not. He draws near to those who are poor in spirit (Mathew 5:3). I truly believe that for you to be radically free from sin, you must have a relationship with GOD. You must be born again (John 3:3). I am not only quoting the scriptures because it is the truth, but I am actually a living testimony of those verses. The Lord saw me at my deepest downfall where I had nothing to lean on except for Him and he saved me despite my bazillion sins. Isn’t that just crazy ? Who would do that ? No one but Jesus. I have been radically changed ever since. I don't want to do anything that would not glorify Him.

I am committed to serving Him wholeheartedly because He filled up the void in my heart and showed me what it is like to be loved by the creator himself. I never had to work for his love because His name is love.

As a missionary , it is my job to reach out and humbly ask you to partner up with me in financial support and prayers. Would you prayerfully consider this partnership ?

I am so happy and stoked to see the Lord provide through you .

Thank you, Kulo ma lulap, Kinisou Chapur, Kalangan, and Mahalo Nui for sowing into the kingdom and sparing your time to read my updates. May the Lord bless you abundantly with physical and spiritual blessings in Jesus name, Amen.

Veelomi Geraldine

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