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Veluz Eguia

Veluz Eguia


Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read this!  I really appreciate it. 

If you don't know me personally, my name is Veluz. I'm a military brat. I was born in Hawaii, my childhood was in Kodiak, Alaska and finished elementary school, HS and College in New York City.  

At the age of 34, I gave my life to the Lord.  After my first mission trip with my church, I knew this was my calling!  I prayed about it because it was not the norm to just give up my career in the Hotel industry and fly to south east Asia to be a missionary, especially at the age of 34. 

Being transformed by God while spreading the Gospel, community building, feeding programs, teaching English, team building and praying for people. Has been a blessing for me and I am excited  continue to do this.

I want to go deeper. My heart has matured and wants to focus on counseling, mentoring the youth.  I want to help people heal and take care of their mental health, to be a better person for themselves and everyone they encounter.  Help them be a living testimony, showing the love of Jesus through our actions. I believe it is the best way to evangelize.  I want to help them to be able to be their authentic self.  To embrace themselves with all their imperfections.  To develop healthy boundaries. 

Being able to reach the youth on a personal level can be life changing for someone young and still trying to develop into the person God made them to be.  Having the loving support, the unconditional love, the tough love while being in a safe place can help a person explore and understand themselves on a deeper level. Being able to help a young person recognize the gold nuggets in their hearts and in their character while helping them discover their talents can make a profound impact in their lives.  Building them up through the love of God is priceless. I can help in pointing them where God wants them to be. 

Being part of YWAM ( Youth With a Mission) gives me an opportunity to be able to make that difference.  I'll be staffing a Disciple Training School.  The school is a 6 month program.  3 months of lectures and 3 months of outreach where they are able to practice what they learned during the lecture phase.  We will be physically and personally with them throughout the 6 months.  We will also focus on performing arts through dance and performing. 

I have a background in counseling from FCM ( Foundations of Counseling Ministry ) and a year of a Masters program with Alliance Graduate School in Manila which im still taking classes when time permits.   I'm also a life coach. I am a trained dancer in Filipino Cultural Arts.  I also dance hip hop, funk jazz and dancehall.  I will use this as a tool to mentor the youth.  

To make what I do possible, im humbly praying to raise monthly support in order to help cover the costs of travel and living expenses during the months overseas.

I would love for you to partner with me financially (it's tax deductible). I humbly come before you and ask you to pray about supporting me.

I would deeply be grateful to have you join my team and participate in building His kingdom together! And completing the Great Commission. 

More Blessings to you, 

Ed Veluz Eguia 

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