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Tychon Family

Tychon Family


Trevor and Jana Tychon have been ministering in Uganda since 2001 with the simple desire to positively impact the country. Upon arrival, Trevor and Jana partnered with Ugandan pastors and leaders who also yearned to see their country transformed. As they learned how to do things “the African way”, Trevor and Jana built a team of foreigners and Ugandans to reach out to the northern regions. The Connect Africa team began developing inexpensive and sustainable technologies that could be built by the very people who needed them most.

Twelve years later, along with their sons Jayden and Justin, they have expanded their ministry to include Kenya, Tanzania and Congo. Connect Africa Ministries now has four resource centers in Uganda and two in Kenya. Each center provides training and promotes the use of BioSand Water filters, Rainwater Harvesting, Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block Construction, EcoSan Toilets, Rocket Stoves and Permaculture. The Tychon Family continue to live and dedicate their lives to finding sustainable ways to meet the needs of the poor and minister the love of Jesus Christ in practical ways to the people of Africa.

Thank you for your prayers and continued financial support of the Tychon Family in Uganda.

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