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Thomas Stukenberg

Thomas Stukenberg


Thomas and Susan Stukenberg have been serving the Lord on the mission field for more than thirty years. They have worked with their children in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and are now serving full-time in Guatemala, Central America. They donate their time and energy helping their daughter Deborah and son-in-law David at Hands of Compassion children’s home in Guatemala, where Deborah, and David (Reichard) are the directors. Hands of Compassion provides 24/7 care for abused and neglected Guatemalan children. All of the children at the home are sent by the juvenile courts in Guatemala. Hands of Compassion provides housing and meals, clothing, medical and dental care, as well as providing a quality education—the private school on site uses a solid Christian-based curricuum.

Thomas and Susan do a lot of the grocery shopping for the three homes. They also help in scheduling, and taking the children to their medical and dental appointments, and often transport the children, and represent them at their court hearings. Both Thomas and Susan spend a great deal of time in the kitchen with food preparation, as well as sharing meals with the children. After meals Thomas often leads Bible-devotion time around the kitchen table. He also shares a weekly Bible message at the Christian school. Susan helps at home, teaching basic “mom skills” such as home economics, health and hygiene, and Christian character formation to all the children. She also helps tutor some of the children – especially with their math problems. (If the kids come to Thomas with a math question, he says “Go ask Grandma!”.)

Thomas is a missionary pilot and both he and David share in doing flights to get supplies for the mission and transporting other missionaries who need air transportation. The trip to Guatemala, which would take four or five hours by car is cut to twenty-five minutes with the plane. When Thomas and Susan get a day off, they love to do street evangelism, handing out Gospel tracts and preaching. Thomas also preaches regularly at the small church nearby.

Thomas and Susan work hard to see their life-goal come to pass— to help nurture all the children through their formative years, helping them to know Jesus, and dedicate their lives to Him, so that, in time, they will grow to be God loving parents who will teach their own children the ways of the Lord.

Thomas & Susan

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