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Tyler & Joanna Studley

Tyler & Joanna Studley


Life is a Quest for God’s Glory!

Hello and Shalom,

We are Tyler and Joanna Studley and those beautiful children you see are Cahyra and Tobias.

The Lord has called us to a life of adventure, prayer, faith, courage, and love.

God is moving in powerful ways around the world and and is calling workers to join in the great

harvest! We are answering the call. The harvest is ready. We have traveled much of the world

on mission and can speak to the power and glory of the Holy Spirit moving and healing the

hearts and minds of the nations. There is great hunger for the Gospel. There is great need for

mental and physical healing. There is much work to be done, many battles to be won. We refuse

to shrink back from the invitation of Jesus Christ to stand firm, suit up, and wield the power

promised to us through the Holy Spirit to spread His love and fire across the nations, to free the

captives, heal the sick, restore the broken, unite the church, proclaim the Kingdom, and bring

glory to God in Heaven!

May our lives be a battle cry of Love! May our marriage be a weapon of Heaven!

Last year was a year of breakthrough and revival. This year is a year of preparation and


The weapons and tools we wield are not of this world but those of divine power. It is time to

prepare and unite the Bride of Christ. We invite you to partner with us in prayer and support to

help further the Kingdom of Heaven and plunder the ill-gotten spoils of the enemy.

Targets of 2024: Nepal - Switzerland - Pennsylvania - Israel - NorCal

1 Corinthians 16:13-14 - 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 - Ephesians 6:10-13 - Matthew 28:18-20

Love and fire,

Tyler and Joanna

Cahyra and Tobias

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