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Tyler & Joanna Studley

Tyler & Joanna Studley


Life is a Quest for God’s Glory! To be in the place where adventure and the Holy Spirit meet is the desire of our hearts. We are the Studleys; we seek to live life with Jesus at the helm. Jesus Christ Himself lived a life of adventure, power, love, sacrifice, wisdom, joy, and obedience. We are invited to do the same. Jesus is the perfect example of excellent leadership and compassion, servanthood and strength, prayer and patience, honor and holiness. Every day is a new opportunity to step into the journey presented to us by our loving God who wants us to experience full and genuine Love and Life in His presence! As a family we choose every day to accept this offer of His Life in exchange for our hearts. Despite life’s sorrows and hard hits, we have never found Him to be lacking.

We are Tyler and Joanna, TyJo as some cleverly call us. We met in the untamed mountains of Wyoming serving as interns with a Christian wilderness leadership ministry (SROM). Jo had recently returned stateside from the mission field in South Africa where she spent over three years ministering through the sport of soccer. Tyler had just graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership/Administration through HSU with sights set on establishing a camp ministry based in an outdoor wilderness setting teaching survival skills and salvation. Working together in the remote wilderness brought into sharp focus each other’s passion for ministry and missions. Married fourteen months later TyJo blasted off into a life committed to Jesus, adventure, and each other. We knew the mission field continued to beckon. Our preparation years were sweet and simple as we served on prayer teams with our church and pastors. We then worked with World Help Children of the World as team leaders caring for children from Uganda, Nepal, the Philippines, and Honduras. Upon return from tours with World Help, Tyler decided to re-enter the medical field to become a Registered Nurse. Jo returned to the world of soccer while also joining with Agape Freedom Fighters, a prayer and healing ministry. A few short years and one long pandemic later we have set sail for the mission field again! Tyler works in the Emergency Room at the local hospital in the foothills below Lake Tahoe and has connected his medical experience with ministry by serving with Jesus Culture Sacramento on medical mission to Northern Iraq. The Studley clan is joining the adventure and look forward to many future trips including the coming medical mission leadership training in the Dominican Republic. We partner with Jesus Culture Church of Sacramento, CA and Light of Hope CSO, Lancaster, PA.

At the time of writing this we are prayerfully riding full tilt into preparations as a family to enter a life of regular short-term medical mission trips while still balancing a homestead, a career in the ER, and raising our kiddos to love and honor Christ (We’ll see where He plans to lead us in the future).  We need your help. The power of prayer and intercession is a primary pillar in our lives. We humbly ask you to support us in prayer on a regular basis. We are aware of our weakness and flaws and desperately need the grace and power of Jesus to cover and direct our lives. Your love and support are invaluable in aiding our efforts to serve our Creator and His most prized creation; people, the nations, (y)our neighbors. We are answering the call to build the Kingdom and we refuse to do it alone. Jesus Himself spent a profound amount of time in prayer and intercession before, during, and after ministry. He taught his disciples to do the same. Who are we not to follow His example?

In addition to support in prayer and love we need your help financially. We have partnered with EquipNet so we may responsibly manage the resources provided to us for the purpose of spreading the Gospel and bringing health and healing to the world. Thank you for joining with us.

Love and Fire,

Tyler and Joanna

        and Cahyra and Tobias

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