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Tony Somoza

Tony Somoza


 Hello! My name is Tony and I am 18 years old, and I have an incredible opportunity to be able to go to a one-week evangelism training school in Huntington Beach, California.

I will be headed out with the Burning Ones young adults to Circuit Riders Ministry School. The Burning Ones is a group of young adults whose heart is to bring the gospel everywhere. Our mission is to ignite a generation so in love and captivated by the presence of God through a culture of worship, discipleship, and intimacy with God and community. With this training, I'll be trained and equipped to be able to come back and reach and equip young adults in the New Orleans area, and ultimately continue to spread and share the gospel and love of Jesus.

There are different tracks for this training. The tracks they are currently offering are Media, Music, and Messenger. I will be doing music with Greenhouse worship. Greenhouse is a prayer room movement extended from Circuit Riders, designed with the purpose of learning how to intimately host the presence of God.

With that being said, I fully believe that the Lord will have me covered and I pray that you would be able to partner with me on this journey whether through prayer, fasting, or donations!

I can't express my gratefulness enough and I am super excited to tell everybody about what the Lord has done!


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