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Tanner Scott

Tanner Scott


Hey fam!!

I am currently “on staff” with Circuit Riders!! Being accepted to staff is part 1, part 2 is being fully funded! Once both of those things are in place, the door will be opened for me to move to HB in August!

“Being fully funded” looks pretty different this go around…

Because I will be living in California full time, instead of reaching a lump-some goal, I have a monthly goal. I'm asked to fundraise $2,500-$3,000 a month! This means I will be looking for monthly financial supporters!


Just like in the fall, I am looking for a family of prayer warriors!! You lifted me up so much during my DTS and while I was on tour, your prayers helped me so much in my journey and in my faith, so if you have any more in your tank, I will take all you got!!!

And as I said before, I am looking for monthly supporters to help me reach the goal of $2,500-$3,000 a month to make my mission possible!


  • Stability: monthly support provides a reliable income, ensuring that I can focus on my ministry, helping my team and the incoming students without financial worry.

  • Impact: your consistent support will allow me to reach more people with the message of Christ’s love and give my all to the incoming students!

  • Community: by becoming a monthly supporter, you are a crucial part of this mission, sharing in the work of spreading the Gospel and serving others!

A HUGE AND MASSIVE thank you in advance for your consideration and choice to donate!!

Blessings, Tanner

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