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Taylor Powers

Taylor Powers


Throughout my life I always had the head knowledge of Jesus but my heart was never postured rightly before the Lord. It wasn’t until I encountered the love of Jesus through being in the presence of the Lord that my life was radically transformed!

I long to see a generation, city, nation come back to their first love, that longs to sit at the feet of Jesus and lingers in His presence. I long to see the church walk in intimacy and union with the Father. My heart burns to see prayer houses planted across the nations and for the Lamb to receive the reward of His suffering from His bride!

We are headed to L.A. to establish a prayer room, fully believing the city will be captivated by Gods love simply by going back to the basics of prayer, worship, and abiding with the Father. Our heart is to create a place for the presence of God to dwell upon man as we minister to Him and to see people encounter God’s love through this!

Prayerfully consider joining us in partnership as we create a resting place for the Lord, whether it is through prayer or financially!


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