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Taylor Plummer

Taylor Plummer



My name is Taylor, but I also go by Plum.

I’m preparing for a 10 day leadership training school and I need your help!

Circuit Riders Schools specialize in a training community that launches movements to reach the next generation. I’m planning to travel to Orange County, California on June 28-July 5 this summer to be better equipped to reach my generation with the Gospel and to strengthen my own personal connection and relationship with Jesus.

That’s where you come in-- with the help of my friends and family I need to raise $3,300 to cover my tuition and costs associated with completing the program.

The training intensive includes Bible training and worship, community service, leadership training and spiritual guidance training. By the time I complete the program, I should be practically equipped to live out the lifestyle of Jesus and share the word of His gospel. My specific track is the Black Voice Movement, which means my focus will be empowering Black Voices to dedicate their lives to Jesus

This is my calling and the next step in my life’s journey. My ultimate goal is to be a full time missionary, spreading the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. The Lord has commissioned me to be a creative preacher. You may be asking what is a creative preacher, I will be using my gifts and talents to promote and spread the Gospel. My gifts include but are not limited to Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Local and Global Marketing, Painting and Curating. Taking this leap of faith by quitting my job to pursue what the Lord has asked me to do full time, truly has opened my heart to endless possibilities of what the creator of heaven and earth will do in my life.

I will be traveling under the supervision of my current ministry, The Living Room (TLR), and The Burning Ones (Young Adult Ministry). Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. My prayer is that I would find supportive partners to help support my journey.



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