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Tim Needham

Tim Needham


Married in September 2010. Since then, we pursued the mission field together. In 2012-13, we traveled down to Jacksonville Florida to complete the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) DTS (Discipleship Training School). Spending our time of outreach ministry in the countries of Thailand and Malaysia.


Since the beginning, God has called us to Japan to reach the Japanese, starting with YWAM Tokyo. In Tokyo, we served in high school and university student ministry. Also, helping them with conversational English. Our gifts and talents are in music, art and discipleship.


Now we are ministering in Oita, Japan in the island of Kyushu.  We are working with our team YWAM Oita since we started there in 2020. Our mission is to build bridges with the local church that is struggling.  We are also reaching out to the city through the arts and hospitality.  We have a 6-room home that we use to welcome friends and missionaries.  We are also making friendships with the locals and discipling a few of them.


Please pray for Oita and all of Japan to follow Jesus.  Please also consider supporting our ministry.  


Thank you for stopping by!


Timothy J Needham Julianne L Needham

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