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Teagan Moore

Teagan Moore


Hello there! I am a missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) located in Kona, HI, staffing within the Bible Department in the School of Biblical Studies (SBS).

The School of Biblical Studies is a nine-month course which goes over all 66 books of the Bible. Over these nine months, we teach and use the Inductive approach to give our students the opportunity to build a solid foundation in the Word, and also the ability to go deeper into a lifetime study of the Bible. We believe that the purpose of Bible study is for application, so as our students are studying each book, our goal and hope is to see them transformed by the Word of God! As YWAM is a missions movement, we are also motivated to see our students be sent out to what God has called them into!

Bible poverty is not just found in places without the Scriptures, but also where the Bible is accessible, yet not understood or read. Therefore, my role as a staff is to disciple and support the students who will be going through SBS, to teach the books of the Bible, and to lead outreach teams to the nations after the nine-months to teach, preach, and serve.

As I've committed to being a part of this school, I am trusting that the LORD will build a team of supporters to surround me who are just as excited to see Bible poverty come to an end. Therefore, my invitation to anyone reading this is that if you would like to be a part of what God is doing here in this school, your donations and prayers are just as needed as the ministry itself. Your support is appreciated and changes lives!

Peace and blessings - Teagan

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