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Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis


My name is Taylor, and I have been a missionary with Youth With A Mission for the past year.

I will be serving alongside Fire and Fragrance in South Africa, and our purpose is to see the lost and the unreached meet the love of Jesus in a personal way.

As Fire and Fragrance, our main ministry is to be a people in love with Jesus. We let our love for Him overflow by having a ready "yes" on our lips to anything He will ask. No matter the cost... we will go. We are gripped with passion to see every nation, tribe, and language come to see Him as the one true living God.

In January of 2022, I got the honor of doing my first DTS (discipleship training school) in South Africa. My heart was ignited during my outreach in Tanzania for Bible poverty. I believe Bible poverty is an injustice and a key issue on the Father's heart, due to my belief that it should be the right of every believer to have the Word of God in their own heart-dialect. This has always been a critical element of the Great Commission (Dan 7:14, Rev 7:9+10, Matt 28:18-20, and more).

Soon, I will make (at minimum) a 2 year commitment to OBT, in order to see the Word orally translated into previously Bible-less languages across Africa. We were asked a life-altering question, "Do you believe the Bible is enough to disciple nations?" The answer we found is "YES". We don't want to be content with mere converts, we are contending for a discipleship movement. It is time that the nations that have been considered mission fields, will be mission-sending nations. The Bible is needed to see EVERYONE'S voice empowered to carry the message of Christ and Him crucified. I know, this is the sound that will shake the whole Earth, bringing about revival unto reformation.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me in prayer and financially, to see all creation have faith in Jesus through hearing the word of God? (Rom 10:17)

Taylor Davis

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