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Thank you so much for partnering with me! Since I can’t make this page private, I’ve decided to leave my name off this site for security reasons. A little about me though, I’m currently working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

YWAM is dedicated to raising up people, specifically youth, to know God and to make him known. Their main ministry is running Discipleship Training Schools (DTS). A DTS is a six-month course that is split up into two parts, lecture phase and the outreach phase. This course challenges the students on how to abide in Christ and then be obedient to what his commands are, to love others (John 15).

I did my DTS back in 2018 which changed my life. Growing up, I never really pursued my relationship with God. I went to church, repented of my sins, and did my own life. Long story short, I had a strong feeling to do a DTS. So much inner healing happened during my DTS and I really started to cultivate God's heart for everyone to experience the freedom that's only found in Him.

My current yes to Jesus is serving in the Horn of Africa. We are going to be launching a DTS base that will be taught in Swahili, to raise up locals to know God and to make him known. Some other areas we are focusing on are: discipleship, family, worship and prayer. One of the ways I’m able to stay out here and be involved with this is because of your financial partnership.

Thank you for making this work possible!

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