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Sam Williams

Sam Williams


I’m really passionate about discipleship. Over these last few years God has really directed me towards people. God has done a lot of spiritual growth in me lately and I want to be able to offer that to communities in the city of Portland. Not everyone can go overseas like I’ve been able to do in the past few years, but there’s so much that can be offered to other young people in this area when it comes to spiritual formation

YWAM PDX has a couple of houses in the city that are designed for other young people to live together and learn more about pursuing Jesus. Right now this looks like investing in people where they’re at, doing ordinary things.

So I need your help.

Honestly Portland is expensive, and In order to actually invest in the people and the city around me with my time, I’m asking for you to invest in me financially.

I’m shooting for $2000 per month and I’d love to have you as a part of my team to help me get there!


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