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Sara Van Kampen

Sara Van Kampen


Hi! My name is Sara Van Kampen and I’m a missionary with Circuit Riders!

Since October 2018 I’ve been traveling with Circuit Riders to see the lost saved, the saved revived, and to train them all. I’ve seen the college campuses of America transform by the real deal love of Jesus! Cultures of depression, of suicide, and of partying are shifting into cultures of freedom, of hope, and of fulfillment in Jesus!

I’ve seen this take place because of my simple ‘yes’ to Jesus.

My next ‘yes’ looks like staffing CR Experience, working with our media team, and leading Carry The Love tours!

The Circuit Riders & One Love Initiative

We are a grassroots movement of young people taking America by storm! We are a family of creative, activists, and evangelists driven by love to reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus!

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