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Sarah Sveeggen

Sarah Sveeggen


My name is Sarah Sveeggen, I'm 20 years old and I am a follower of Jesus! Jesus calls us to minister to those around us and I'm choosing to express that by stepping into the mission field and furthering my knowledge of who God is. I will be going to Lakeside, Montana in September of 2024 to do School of Biblical Studies (SBS) and to further my knowledge of the Bible.

During my time in SBS I will be studying the entire Bible in depth for 9 months. My days will consist of mapping out scripture and studying the context of it all. I will be spending 40 - 60 hrs a week studying the Bible and applying what I am learning!

After SBS I will hopefully be stepping into full-time missions possibly in Africa. I believe the Lord is asking me to go into the mission field so I am following Him step by step. I will be prayerfully seeking God through this process and leaning on Him for what He would like me to do next.

God gives us the gift of free will to make choices as we walk with Him and we get the pleasure to seek His guidance through it all. I have been seeking God through scripture and prayer as I've been making discussions for ministry and I would appreciate you joining me in that.


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