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Silas Ouellette

Silas Ouellette


Hi there! My name is Silas Ouellette. I am from BC, Canada 🍁🇨🇦

I first did YWAM in 2022, Jan-June, Fire and Fragrance DTS, in Kona, Hawaii, where I spent 3 months getting to know God better and His heart for missions. The next 3 months I went to the Philippines to tell people about Jesus and spread His love. This was such an amazing, transforming time for me, I wanted to return the following year to do it again, this time as a leader. So I came in 2022, Oct-Dec, Kona, Hawaii, for a 3 month leadership training school, in order to prepare me to lead the next DTS which would start in Jan. After I finished this school, I came home to see my family around Christmas, and when I re-entered the states, I was denied access. This changed my plans because leading this school was a 2 year commitment that I made, and now I didn’t know what to do next.

While I was back home in Jan, 2023, I was working trying to find what’s next for me, a co-worker who did this school called School of Biblical Studies, (SBS) told me how amazing this school was so I became interested.

I applied for SBS a few months later and now I am back in Kona, Hawaii ready to start SBS. SBS is a 9 month bible school which I will be diving deep into the word, using the inductive bible study method to discover the original intention of the author, to understand who it was written to, and ultimately discover new truths, and apply them to my life, transforming my own life and heart, as well as those around me and eventually nations around me, if it is Gods will.

There is a 1 month outreach with Titus Project, which our school will be taking what we have learned to places in the world where they might not know how to find truths from the bible.


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