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Subiq Nepali

Subiq Nepali


Who am I?

12 years ago I heard the Gospel for the first time and it changed everything. I was the first person in my whole village to believe in Jesus and since then I have dedicated my life to spreading the Gospel. In the past five years have joined full-time ministry with the Fire & Fragrance YWAM team in Kathmandu. I have really enjoyed working with them through Trekking Outreaches, Curriculum Translation, and Bible Trainings.

My Vision

In Nepal there are over 125 languages that we know of; some do not even have a written form. Of all those languages we only have the Bible in about 30. I want to help translate God’s Word into these languages so that people in remote areas can know and understand the Gospel. Surrounding my own nation there are many other places that also have Bibleless languages. As we progress through translating and continue to grow, I am looking forward to multiplying our work into these other regions. I believe that we can end Bible Poverty in my lifetime.

My Plan

These days I am continuing my work in translating Bible Trainings and Curriculums into Nepali. We have also formed an Oral Bible Translation (OBT) team in Kathmandu who are partnering with other organizations like Faith Comes By Hearing. We have begun assessing the situation and are forming a strategy on how to begin translations. In the next year we are planning on beginning translation in at least 3 languages. One day we plan to open a Translation Center from which we will be able to train and equip others to continue translation work both with us and in new locations amongst new languages.

1 Year – Gathering Native People, Organizing. Give them Job to translate. 3 Languages

5 Years – Translation Center, Multiplying Translating Teams to surrounding regions and nations with unreached languages.

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