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Sipho Ndlovu

Sipho Ndlovu


Women ministry

I have walked closely with the women as individuals, getting to know them as a person on their own not in a group, it is easy when we look at a woman and assume she is okay or what she wants. Coming close and talking to them gives a clear picture of who they are. Being friends and celebrating, crying together give a full understanding of their needs.

Bible Seminars

l am also involved in Bible seminars where we go around communities for two weeks every two months, in 2021 we covered 8 districts encouraging them to read and use the bible to reach out in the surrounding villages with the love of God, wherever we go we give out Bibles so that they have the skill and the tool to use eliminating Bible poverty. We show mercy where it is needed with whatever we can afford, in terms of food, health conditions, housing etc.

With Love

Sipho Ndlovu

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