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Suro & Ayaka Lopez

Suro & Ayaka Lopez


Suro and Ayaka served as the Creative Arts Pastors at myChurch in Jacksonville, Florida from 2017 until August of 2022. They stepped down from their positions to answer the call God put in their hearts to minister not just to the Japanese Christian community,  but also to the Japanese people as a whole.  They are now serving as independent missionaries in Japan.

Suro and Ayaka believe God wants to move in Japan in His powerful and unique way. God is a creative God and He created us to be creative for Him. Japan is a land of deep traditions intermixed with cutting edge technology, and so our goal is to help create opportunities for God to be glorified in a uniquely Japanese way: Incorporating Tradition and Technology.

Our vision is to create original Japanese worship music, to encourage and help Japanese worshippers who have a song in their heart to bring that song to life. We want to help provide creative and innovative ideas for churches and worship teams and we aim to create an encouraging and nurturing community of worship leaders, singers and musicians in Japan.

Suro and Ayaka have a God given dream to build a dedicated Recording Studio in Japan that would primarily serve both experienced and new worship songwriters and musicians alike, so that the Japanese Christian community can create more original worship music in their own language, and eventually Suro and Ayaka hope to have a performance facility with a connected coffee house, to make available primarily to churches for services, events, trainings, retreats, and other church activities.

But we can't do all of this without your help! We would love for you to prayerfully consider supporting us as we take on this monumental task that God has put before us! Thank you and may God return the blessing to you tenfold!

Suro and Ayaka

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