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Shelly Longo

Shelly Longo


Hello! My name is Shelly!

The original Circuit Riders were a movement of selfless, dedicated individuals who gave their very lives to reaching the lost, forming discipleship settings, and shifting the culture around them through wholehearted obedience to Scripture. Their zeal for God created a contagion of simple obedience to the teachings of Jesus and resulted in a movement later described as the First Great Awakening.

We are now creating a modern move of Circuit Riders through the missions organization known as YWAM. I have a deep longing in my heart to reach my generation. I believe they want freedom more than ever, and without them knowing the reality of sin and death, they have chosen to walk in the ways where the enemy of this world has a field day. I believe the most effective way to reach my generation is through the college campuses of America.

I have seen too many broken college students that are aching for a change in their lives, and refuse to turn to “mere religion” to mend the void that they feel. That is where we, as circuit riders through our campaign known as “Carry the Love” come in. We aim to relentlessly show the power of who Jesus really is, and the reality of why he has come to these college students. We long for the power of religion to be broken off completely and to really describe and reveal the father and his beloved son, Jesus, in such a way that really unveils the strong savior, father, and friend that He is.

Through Carry the love, we travel to hundreds of universities in America and abroad to hold gospel crusades, revival & ministry nights, tent gatherings (modeled by the evangelism days of Billy Graham) and discipleship training schools. We hold revival gatherings at each school, and follow up in the days after that with discipleship and most importantly connecting the students to that local church/ body of Christ and with one another. We believe the local church, whether in a building or living room, that holds true discipleship and teachings on the way of Jesus, is the very key to sustaining any kind of revival. We are sojourners on the earth, quite literally! We go wherever God opens a door to bring the gospel. I will be leading tour teams throughout the universities for Jesus to be made known. With your support, I will be able to reach these college students all across America and Europe.

If you want to talk more about what I do, please feel free to contact me at my primary email,!

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