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Sigurd Kristianslund

Sigurd Kristianslund



I am a missionary evangelist called by God to go to the nations of the world with the Gospel!

In August 2021, I am joining the Christ for All Nations Bootcamp where they train evangelist for three months. This will be an intensive and powerful training that will equip me for Gospel Campaigns around the world.

I sense an urgency and a call from God to reach Europe and the Middle East with the Gospel! After the Bootcamp I will launch out into full time ministry and do Gospel Campaigns throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as train and equip believers in churches and ministry schools. I will partner with Christ for All Nations and Jesus Church in Norway.

I have done lots of ministry over the years, but I have mostly been self-supported by working besides doing ministry. But now it’s time to launch into full time ministry and give all of my time and energy into that.

I really appreciated your support both in prayer and financially!

Together for the harvest,

Sigurd Kristianslund

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