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Steve Justice

Steve Justice


Steve Justice Consulting-Wellspring combines thirty years of hands on practical fundraising experience with a passion to see individuals and organizations grow, and more fully achieve their God-given mission/vision. Seeing resources released for His work through His people is a beautiful picture to see come to fruition.

The opportunity to be invited into the intimate space of funding is a gift…allowing to help see resources at work! This is accomplished by coming alongside the organization/individual to offer teaching, coaching, mentoring and consulting all rooted in biblical fundraising principles.

This offer is at no cost or at very little cost to the organization or individual!

Many desire to have a value added plan to share their work with others that have the same passion, but often lack the ‘how’ to effectively share their story.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to join others in shaping their inspired vision into a compelling story to share.

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