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Sophie Josovitz

Sophie Josovitz


Since I got saved several years ago, I have felt a huge burden on my heart for the lost. Meeting Jesus and receiving his love in such a real and authentic way changed everything about me and I remember thinking to myself “I have to tell everyone about this”. I knew I would never be the same and I knew other people needed the freedom that I had received.

Later in my walk with the Lord is when he developed a burning in my heart for seeing women activated into their calling. I knew what it was like to not understand my value or my purpose and I also knew the solution, an intimate relationship with Jesus. I began praying and interceding for the Lord to put women in my life that needed his love and without fail he did.

From there I invested my time into receiving training from Circuit riders program called Brave love which is all about activating women to live out what Jesus has called them to do, inspired by a women in the Bible named Deborah. This is the same ministry that I now have the opportunity to staff for with your help!

I believe God is calling women now more than ever before to rise up and be obedient to his voice. He is looking for a generation that will say yes and I want to be part of equipping those women with what they need to follow the call on their lives, for such a time as this.

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