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Steven June Josef

Steven June Josef


We are Steven June and Rhemafaith Josef, dedicated full-time missionaries based in the Philippines. Our mission is to empower local individuals, guiding them towards becoming global missionaries and fostering a movement of exponential impact. Over the span of nearly a decade, we have collaborated closely with YWAM Philippines Impact, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to this cause.

Central to our belief is the conviction that each Filipino possesses the inherent capacity to create a positive and transformative influence on a global scale. Our approach centers around illuminating the divine message across all nations, as we strive to make God's presence known.

We are resolute in our endeavor to furnish avenues for Filipinos to actively participate in enriching their communities and the broader society. Through our efforts, we aspire to cultivate inspiration and empowerment within individuals, equipping them to serve as catalysts for meaningful change. Our ultimate goal is to guide them towards a purpose-driven existence, where making a lasting impact becomes a way of life.

Steven June and Rhemafaith Josef

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