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Samuel Harris

Samuel Harris


Good day!

My name is Samuel Harris from Greensboro North Carolina and the reason I started this Equipnet giving page is because I am currently trying to raise money to attend a 7 day discipleship school in California.

The name of it is Called Circuit Riders. The Circuit Riders are known for sharing the gospel on college campuses around the USA and even doing missional movements around the world.

After prayer and seeking the Lord about this, I believe with my heart that it is His will for me to go. My desire since I’ve given my life to Christ is to reach lost souls for Him whether they have backslid or never have at all Encountered God. I desire them to encounter God in such a way that their life will never be the same,

There are people with many different backgrounds and cultures that have never seen or experienced the love and power of God, and God wants to reach them. I just want to be an open vessel. I want people to know that He is real so that He can get the glory and it can be revealed in all the world through evangelism!

I know that this is where God has called me, and I believe that Circuit Riders is one way that I will be able to learn and grow and more importantly apply and bring God glory. Circuit Riders is known for going all over the USA and world preaching and demonstrating the gospel to college students. I believe that this is a part of Gods will for my life.

If you could please help me raise money to go on this journey. Any donation helps and it would really bless my soul. I am working towards having the money in by May 15th of 2023 and would love your support!

Thank you and God bless you!


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