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Soichi Fujiwara

Soichi Fujiwara


Nice to meet you!

My name is Soichi Fujiwara and I am the elder of Jesus Cafe House, which belongs to the Foursquare Church in Japan, located in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

In my personal commitment to overseas support and giving, I have been supporting minority Christians in Lahore, Sialkot, Pakistan for several years. There was a great deal of persecution on Dec. 3rd 2021, and it is now very necessary to take measures such as finding people asylum and soliciting donations.

I am seeking other like minded believers for someone who have an understanding and compassion for the poor, who also, like me, want to fight for human rights and religious freedom. Please see the following article:

We want to support the factory where this riot took place (a minority Christian-owned factory, the financial foundation of the church). They are the economic foundation of local minority Christians. A large factory with 300 workers was closed due to a recent riot.

Financial Goals

1. Relocating the factory immediately; if they can not complete the current order, they will have a debt of 30,000-50,000 USD.

2. 9,000 USD is required for urgent factory relocation costs.

3. We are also also asking you for recurring monthly support, in order to get factory management on track back.

Their church is United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. Pastor Name: Robert Alven.Account window: Mr. Flower Buhatti However, they are historically isolated and have no channels with overseas support groups. They have no time or ability to raise funding.

Thank you for joining me in meeting this urgent need!


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