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Samantha Dollar

Samantha Dollar


Hi! My name is Samantha Dollar!

At the age of 8 I was encountered by the Lord at VBS and wanted to know about Him! That summer I decided to give my life to Him. After high school I got involved with the wrong crowd and was not following what the Lord wanted which left me feeling completely alone, depressed, and anxious. During my third year of college I found an amazing group of Christians that showed me how fun being a Christian really is!

After moving colleges I was able to continue my walk with the Lord by joining a Christian organization on campus and joined a local church. Through doing those things I was able to step into what the Lord was leading me to! During that time I started working at a Christian summer camp where I first heard about Circuit Riders. My second year of camp I decided to apply and that's where I decided that I wanted to be in ministry for the rest of my life!

Through Circuit Riders my life was radically changed through the Holy Spirit! I was able to be discipled, trained, and sent out to the Midwest where I was able to preach the gospel and meet the people I am now partnered with in ministry! Global Mercy Missions is about serving the nations through weekly outreaches and evangelism. We go into the local hospital, ghetto, and red light district to love and serve the people there. I am also able to serve through singing worship!

If you would prayerfully consider becoming a partner by first praying for me and if the Lord leads you to become a financial partner, I am currently building a team of investors who will give $1,200 a month, which will allow me to fully serve what God is doing with the city of Chicago!

Would you prayerfully consider joining this team of monthly investors, or contributing a one-time gift?


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