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Samuel Chittur

Samuel Chittur


Dear friends and supporters, 

I'm Samuel, also known as Sam, currently undertaking my Discipleship Training School (DTS) at Fire and Fragrance North India. Excitingly, I'm preparing for an upcoming outreach journey to Lebanon in mid-April. However, to make this mission possible, I am seeking your generous support. 

 Your partnership can make a significant difference. Your contributions will directly support our efforts in Lebanon, enabling us to extend help to those in need and spread love and compassion.


Lebanon is facing significant challenges, with rampant inflation and a growing refugee crisis. The economic situation in Lebanon has led to soaring prices, making basic necessities unaffordable for many families. Additionally, the country is grappling with hosting a large number of refugees seeking shelter and support. 


Would you consider joining hands with me on this journey?

 Your support, whether through financial contributions or spreading the word, will help us reach our target and make a lasting impact. Let's partner together to bring hope and transformation to the people of Lebanon.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a difference.

Warm regards, 


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