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Skye Butcher

Skye Butcher


Hallo There!

I am Skye (also known as Skye_the_guy.)

I am a half British half Dutch South African, who is currently living in Canada. I grew up with a strong missionary basis, as my father backpacked through Africa, reaching as far as Sudan from South Africa, to spread the gospel and help people. He did all this at about age 20, and I intend to follow in his footsteps.

I feel called to South America, and as such I have been working hard to make ends meet. I have been learning Spanish to the point where I am semi-fluent, and in the process I have developed a heart for South America, and helping children stuck in systemic poverty, sex traffic rings, cartels, etc.

The Sound of Freedom is undoubtedly one of my favourite movies of all time ( for obvious reasons.)

In terms of aid, I pray and believe that the Lord will provide, if this is the calling He has placed upon my life. If you feel called to give, amazing, I cannot thank you enough! If not, no problems, the Llord will use you for His glory elsewhere.

Any and all money raised will go directly towards necessities, missionary equipment, Bibles, and any form of basic health/sanitation that can be provided to the people I will be ministering to.


To the Lord be all the glory, forever and Ever, Amen.

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