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Savannah Asidilla

Savannah Asidilla



As many of you know, at the end of June I went to Southern California to spend a week with Circuit Riders for an intensive time of ministry training! Long story short, that week changed my life — but it wouldn’t have, had I not given the Word my “yes”! The Lord placed in my heart the burning desire to save the lost and spread the Gospel and as I have accepted, I must also obey!  

I have a big goal of $12,000 but am fundraising in chunks:

By August 1, my goal is $700 — this is an initial deposit.

By September 1, $3,500 — housing and tuition costs.

By December 1, $2,000 — this is the fee that pays for my outreach!!

After the new year, I will immediately begin my outreach. I have no clue where I will be sent, it could be anywhere in the USA. For three months i will be traveling with a group by car, staying in host homes, spreading the Gospel around whatever colleges are in the area we stay!


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