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Southern Allen

Southern Allen


My name is Southern, and I am a 4th generation missionary with YWAM Nashville. Fire and Fragrance is a program that seeks to see revival in America and the nations, and activates young people’s voices so they can preach the gospel to their generation through music, messages and media!

This base is brand new as of April 2024! I am on a team alongside my brother and his family and about 35 young people from Kona, HI that are pioneering this movement together! This base will seek to draw in young people to minister to their generation, as well as sending them to the nations. It will be a launching pad for missionaries, as well as reaching its local community. I am so eager to bring everything I have learned from my Discipleship Training School with the Circuit Riders and implement them in the arenas of prayer, worship, evangelism and so much more!!

As you know, the Great Commission is not a suggestion but a commandment. I have made it my personal business to respond to Jesus and commit my life to seeing young people turn to Him! While you may not be a conventional missionary yourself, no Christians are exempt from the reality of the lost.

Please prayerfully consider supporting me financially and taking part in worshipping the Lord through our obedience to Him, and participating in what He will do in Nashville and across the globe!


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