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Sierra Alexander

Sierra Alexander


Hi, my name is Sierra.

I have grown up in a Christian household, going to church, youth group, camps, etc. but it wasn't until middle school that I decided to create a personal relationship with Christ. I have come to realize that as important as practicing Christianity by praying, going to church, being accountable for my faith, so is having a personal relationship with God.

I am a part of YWAM Kona and I will be doing the Discipleship Training School (DTS). This is 6 months long and the first three months is the teaching and training in Kona, Hawaii and then a three month outreach phase in other nations spreading the Gospel.

What this means to me personally, is growing that relationship with God and diving deep into His word so that I may be his Shepard, spreading His word and His love to others. That He may speak and move through me because this is His calling for me, to help people know Him through my ministry and throughout my whole life.

Through this website I am trying to build a community of family and friends to hold me accountable and support me. Your prayers and donations will help me through my ministry and also make you a part of this journey God has for me.


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