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Rosa Wilcox

Rosa Wilcox


We are missionaries called to Japan.

We are currently part of a small team planting a new YWAM base in Sendai which is in the north of the Honshu Island. Sendai has a growing population and is the largest city of the Tohoku region. It is said that Japan is at least 1% Christian and that the Tohoku region is the least reached area in regards to the Gospel. Despite all of that we believe that this is chaining!

Our hope and passion is to use the arts, music and media to share the Gospel in Japan and see the nation transformed.

With such a small amount of believers and churches in Japan we also are aiming to network with churches, missionaries and other organizations etc. to see the body of Christ come together in unity.

We’d love it if you partnered with our vision!



-Join us!

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