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Ruby Rubinos

Ruby Rubinos


Hello!! My name is Ruby Rubinos and I’m going to be a full time student missionary this upcoming fall!! I will be with the Circuit Riders (a ministry through Youth With A Mission) participating in a 6-month long Discipleship Training school in Huntington Beach, CA!

My walk with the Lord has been so sweet and tender. I asked Him to break my heart for what breaks His and He has placed a burden for my generation. I desire to see a generation marked by the love of Jesus and be transformed by the one true living God!!!! Circuit Riders is a mission and training community that launches movements to reach the next generation. They travel across the US and Nations unashamed by the Gospel and active young people to reach their campus/community. The vision is to save the lost, revive the saved, and train them all. The Lord has spoken so clearly that this is where He is leading me and all I can do is lean into obedience!

My yes will take me all the way from the East to the West Coast. During my school I will spend three months in Huntington Beach for our lecture phase. This phase will contain daily training sessions, corporate prayer and worship, weekly outreaches, small group discipleship, and hands-on skill set training that will equip me to reach my generation with the gospel. Following the lecture phase we will spend 3 months on outreach. During outreach we will be practically applying everything we learned about preaching the Gospel, evangelism, and love for the lost as we travel for 3 months doing ministry and hosting evangelistic gatherings.

I would be honored if you prayerfully considered partnering with me in prayer and in finances! Prayers for guidance and wisdom as I focus on a new season of life. I’m also in need of raising funds for Outreach and for personal expenses (food, flights, gas, etc.)

If you are willing to sow into my part to play in God’s work through Circuit Riders, I ask that you donate to whichever the Lord is calling you; whether that be a one time gift or monthly donation. I pray that every single person who reads this would be inspired by our generation that is on the move for Jesus.

All Glory to the Most High!


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