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Rebeca Ribeiro

Rebeca Ribeiro


Hi, I am Rebeca, a 19-year-old Brazilian girl living in California.

In November 2019, I had an encounter with God, and the Gospel of Jesus radically transformed and saved me. In 2022, I met Circuit Riders, a YWAM mission and training community that launches movements to reach the next generation. There, the Lord awakened my heart to the Great Commission, and in 2023, I attended their 1-week Summer School under one of their movement tracks called Brave Love Women, which seeks to awaken women to their God-given purpose and calling. This message set me on fire for God's daughters in the US. However, I felt the Lord telling me to wait, and for a year, I cultivated this desire in my heart while serving and pouring into my church community.

This year, I felt it was time to act. I applied to the 6-month Circuit Riders DTS (Discipleship Training School) under Brave Love Women and got ACCEPTED! I'll live in a girls' community house in Huntington Beach, CA, for 3 months. During this time, I'll go deeper into God's heart and learn how to spread His Gospel. For the other 3 months, my team and I will travel around the US, spreading the Gospel on college campuses. It's going to be amazing!

However, to do this, I need His church to partner with me. That's why I'll be raising $13,000: $700 for the non-refundable security deposit, $8,000 for fees that will cover tour venues, housing, materials, etc., and $6,000 for living expenses such as hygiene products, food, gas, etc.

I fully believe that the Lord can and will do it! I am already so thankful for your obedience and for any amount you sow into this.

I pray that God blesses you and your generosity. LET'S GO PREACH THE GOSPEL!


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