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Reshma Nayar

Reshma Nayar




Hi, my name is Reshma Nayar. I was born in a Hindu family. My testimony involves significant

challenges at a young age. I lost my father at the age of two. As a result, my mother became

mentally ill, preventing her from being able to take care of my sister. Therefore, I grew up in

many boarding schools. Despite these challenges, God intervened and saved me.


I came to know about Jesus in one of the hostels my mother had put me in. They used to take

us to Sunday church services where I learned to pray from a young age to Jesus. I became

certain that He answers my prayers. It always gave me hope and a sense of purpose.


From a very young age, I had always wanted to study and work in a US company. I am so very

thankful that God faithfully put people in my life that helped provide financially that enabled

me to obtain a good education. However, when I finished 10th grade, I was lost again because

boarding schools don’t keep children upon completion of their 10th grade. So, I moved out and

began working in a supermarket to earn money for rent and groceries. Finally, at what felt like

rock bottom, I remembered that God answers our prayers so I prayed to God: “Let someone

adopt me.” And then we met Shawn and Cherrie, members of the church we were attending.

Through sharing my and my sister’s story, God opened a big door through them for me to study

again. They agreed to help us with our studies and also grow in God. I thank God for this humble

couple. And I praise God that He always faithfully provides for me!


Through Shawn and Cherrie’s generosity and love, I graduated from college with good marks! I

then returned to my dream of working for a US company. I applied at the one US company in my

hometown in Goa. But, after I didn’t get a response from them, I found myself discouraged.

However, at this time I disciplined myself with consistent Bible reading and spending time with

God. I kept asking Him what He wanted me to do in my life. And as always, God is faithful to answer

my prayers!

Around this time, in December of 2023, I began hearing about a discipleshiptraining school (DTS).

At the same time, I received a job acceptance at a Christian company. Both felt like God-opportunities!

I had a hard time deciding between accepting this job and joining this DTS. However, after prayer I

finally had peace to let go of the job and apply for this DTS. I didn’t have the finances to cover the

school, but my heart was filled with unwavering faith in God's plan for my life.


I must say that after two months of attending this DTS, it has been the best decision of my life! I

truly feel like God wanted this for me and I trust in Him for everything. I have seen how God has

been at work in my own personal life in many ways such as becoming absolutely vulnerable to

this community about my story and how God is changing my heart. I am now at a place where I

am fully convinced that God’s will for my life is to go to the ends of the earth to share His love

and make Him known!


I have heard and received the missionary call of God. I now feel desperate to share God’s

salvation invitation and my testimony to each and every individual I meet! We have discussed

the financial situation of such a missionary calling in our school. I will not receive a typical job

salary for this kind of work, but rather I am to live by faith in God’s abundant provision through

His Church.

I am now beginning this first ministry work of building a team who will pray and give

financial support towards my missional journey with the Father. I want to invite you to invest in

me and the Kingdom of God. Your support will enable me to share the love of God and spread

the Gospel to the nations.


I really want to thank God for always providing me with everything I need. I want to express my

gratitude to you for even just taking the time and reading this letter. Thank you for keeping me

in your prayers. I want to acknowledge that I cannot fulfill this mission alone. I’m thankful God

has revealed His heart and vision for the world with me. God wants to see His kingdom come

fully throughout the earth and that only can happen when people like me and many others who

are willing to give up a “regular life” and go wherever He calls us to go to fulfill God’s great

commission by going and preaching the Gospel.

Thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with this great work I get to be a part of!

Thank you and God bless you.


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