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Rees McDaniel

Rees McDaniel


My name is Rees McDaniel, I’m a missionary kid, pastor’s kid and third culture kid who moved to Japan when I was seven years old and have lived here ever since. My parents have been a part of YWAM Tokyo for 13 years now, and I joined them and the community I grew up with as a staff member as of this last February. My primary focuses thus far have been Worship and Youth centered ministries.

With a call to worship on my life, this last year has been me stepping out further into that plan that God has for me, and as such I currently co-lead a bimonthly worship outreach in the downtown Tokyo area. This summer has been wrought with camp after camp where I have acted as a counselor to young folk, ages ranging from six to nineteen. I find it utterly delightful watching youth step into the realization that they are made of so much more than their skin and bone, and that they claim the destiny that God put on their lives.

Going forward I plan to continue this dual focus and add what I can here and there so that I can see God’s kingdom come to Japan.

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