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Rhonda & Tommy Mathisen

Rhonda & Tommy Mathisen


Rhonda has been serving as a missionary in revival in the nations for over 30 years. First in revival and prayer ministry and later as a leader in the international transformation movement.  Rhonda has lived in the midst of revival and has experienced transformation in the nations. This personal experience ignited a fire in Rhonda to call the Church in the Western World out of her spiritual captivity and into a revolution of intimacy with Jesus! Rhonda has traveled nationally and internationally, helping leaders prepare their communities for the habitation of God's presence so His Kingdom will break in on the earth in revival and transformation!

In 2017 Rhonda met Tommy Mathisen, a business leader from Norway and the Lord set them on a divine journey together. Tommy had also been traveling and seeking the Lord to understand revival. As a student of revival history, he was longing for a move of God again in Norway! They married in 2018 and moved to Norway to serve Scandinavia and Europe in these intense days of shaking in the nations.

God has called Rhonda and Tommy to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom and prepare the Bride of Christ in Norway and other nations. They are serving Norway, Denmark and the USA through teaching on national Christian TV,  holding worship gatherings, establishing centers of supernatural ministry, building a network of relationships and calling the lukewarm or religious church to repentance. Their focus is to raise up and equip people and communities for a powerful end-of-the-age revival!

Fusion Norway is a faith-based ministry and depends on the generosity of those who are passionate about revival and transformation to support the ministry month by month.

If you have a burden for revival please prayerfully consider sowing into this ministry. Their desire is to build a partnership with friends who are on the transformation journey and together see God's Kingdom touch the earth in our generation!

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