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Ryan Lagana

Ryan Lagana


Hello there, I’m Ryan Lagana and I am a full-time missionary with YWAM Kona.

I have a heart for evangelism and global Bible literacy.

My life was shifted by the Lord when I went to Kona, Hawaii for my YWAM Fire & Fragrance DTS. There I was sent out on a team to Maui and Oahu. While traveling the islands the Lord put it on my heart to attend the School of Biblical Studies out of YWAM Kona.

In the School of Biblical Studies (SBS), I read through the Bible five times. I read it by deeply studying the historical context and background of all the books. I observed and interpreted scripture and learned how to apply God’s Word to my life. While studying the Bible, God put it on my heart to go to the nations and teach what I was learning. That's when I decided to do the “Titus Project”, the SBS outreach.

The Titus Project has a 3-week training phase where its students are guided and discipled into becoming better teachers and stewards of the Word. After the training phase, the students are sent out in teams all around the world to teach the Bible; I was sent to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

After seeing the fruit of the Titus Project I decided to stick with the ministry and then I staffed a Titus outreach to Nepal out of YWAM Turner Valley.

I have now given a 2-year commitment to YWAM Kona as a school leader for the Titus Project/SBS outreaches. I also serve as an SBS staff during the off-season of Titus Project outreaches.

The Lord has continued to prove His faithfulness in my life and His grace has been shown more than I can fathom. I am expectant for the future and for what the Lord is going to do across the whole global church in the coming years.


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