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Ryan Lagana

Hello there, I’m Ryan Lagana and I am a full-time missionary with YWAM.

I have a heart for evangelism, Biblical literacy and training.

I went to Kona, Hawaii for my YWAM Fire & Fragrance DTS and from there I was sent out on a team to Maui and Oahu. While traveling the islands, we worked with YWAM bases, different ministries, and churches. My team and I served on a farm with “Made in Hope” ministries and evangelized in malls and served at youth groups. During this time of outreach, I realized I needed more Biblical training if I wanted to pursue international missions for the rest of my life. That was when the Lord put it on my heart to attend the School of Biblical Studies out of YWAM Kona.

In the School of Biblical Studies (SBS), I read through the Bible five times. I read it by deeply studying the historical context and background of all the books. I observed and interpreted scripture and learned how to apply God’s Word to my life. Having about 40 - 70 hours of homework a week, these 9 months of SBS were the most challenging, yet the most refining time of my life. While studying the Bible in SBS I realized how much of a need there was for Biblical Literacy around the globe. During SBS I heard of a school called the “Titus Project”. The “Titus Project” is a YWAM program only offered to SBS graduates. It sends students out on outreach to specifically preach and teach the Bible and teach how to study it. I felt peace about joining the program and applied to the Titus Project in YWAM Lakeside, MT. (Titus Project was no longer running in Kona at that time)

The Titus Project has a 3-week training phase where its students are guided and discipled into becoming better teachers and stewards of the Word. After the training phase, the students are sent out in teams all around the world to teach the Bible; I was sent to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In Mexico, I taught at many churches and Bible studies. I even had the opportunity to teach a Bible Overview to a Men's Drug Rehab each week. At the end of the 2 months, I had taught for about 25 hours in total. Titus Project was life-changing and I felt called to continue serving with this ministry, but this time as a staff.

After completing my time in Mexico I was accepted to the staff of Titus in YWAM Turner Valley, Canada (which is where I am right now). I will be leading a Titus team to Southeast Asia for 2 months. There I will be guiding and discipling my students as they teach the Bible to villages and churches around the nation. I will also be handling the finances of the team, this includes food, housing, ground transportation, and flights. I will be in constant communication with church leaders in this nation in order to coordinate with them on when and where my students will be teaching. I am expectant to see the Lord move and the Holy Spirit speak through my students during our time in Asia.

Future Plans:
Currently, there is no Titus Project running out of YWAM Kona. After finishing at Turner Valley I plan to go to Kona and work with some staff to re-pioneer the Titus Project and send out this year's SBS graduates.


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