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Reagan Jarvie

Reagan Jarvie


Hi everyone! My name is Reagan Jarvie. I am a full time missionary currently serving in Kona Hawaii

I joined YWAM in July of 2022 where the Lord gripped me for the nations.  I had been far from the Lord living and walking in the life of a Luke warm Christian. During my first couple months in YWAM the Lord got ahold of my heart. He changed my perspective on myself as well as my relationship with Him.

This past year the Lord has opened up many doors into full time missions work. I will be moving to the Middle East the beginning of next year. There I will be working with the YWAM base connecting with women and speaking identity over them, especially because in these countries the women are devalued. I hope to as well bring a Bible school to this nation to further instruct and disciple the people in this nation that have decided to follow the Lord.

In order to do this I need your help!! I am currently building a team of investors to reach $5000 a month in support!! This will allow me to live in this nation and help pioneer this new base and continue the ministry the Lord is calling me into!!!!

Would you consider partnering with me monthly or a one time donation?!


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