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Ruth Chisholm

Ruth Chisholm


Hi there!

My name is Ruth Chisholm, a missionary in training with YWAM, Circuit Riders.

I have encountered and been gripped by the initiatory love of Jesus after hearing the Gospel, and have a heart cry to take this message of salvation, freedom, peace, hope and joy to the world! Whether it be to the nations or my local streets, I'll go! Jesus is worthy of the sacrifice He made to receive His bride!

As Circuit Riders, we are devoted to seeing the lost saved, the saved revived, and to train them all to go out with the message of the Gospel to the world! After counting the cost, we have a no-compromise attitude in obedience to the call Jesus gave in the Great Commission! And empowering and catalyzing young leaders across the globe to run with Jesus to wherever He calls. Our heart is for Gen Z to know Jesus and love like Him!

What this looks like is: touring across university campuses across the United States, Europe and Africa, to gather young leaders to hear the message of the Gospel for themselves, worship together and be activated into missions in their sphere of life and beyond.

I would love to invite you to sow into the Kingdom of God with me in prayer and practically in financial support of my missions work.

Let's see the world changed by the radical love of Jesus and the harvest reaped by radical laborers raised up!


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