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Rylee & Kelly Brown

Rylee & Kelly Brown


Our mission is simple. We desire to share how Jesus has radically changed our lives. We want all people to know His love & truth! No matter what we do or where we live, our hearts are burdened for people to know Jesus’ goodness. He desires for people to walk in true rest, faith, freedom and love! Jesus accomplished it all! Whether we are in seasons of triumph or trial, we desire to make His name great!

We are working with YWAM as Bible teachers, teaching the inductive study method as we go through the New and Old Testaments. We also are currently involved in Bethel Church attending their ministry school. This is where we are learning from the best leaders in the faith who are alive today and hoping to continue working alongside them throughout our lives.

Thanks for following our journey and being a part of our team!

Rylee & Kelly Brown

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